Beneteau Swift 34 - Well-built and sturdy

The Beneteau Swift 34 docked for the night on the last half of the Greatest Loop Cruise. Intracoastal Waterway in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. In this image of the Beneteau ... More

An interview with John Wooldridge, on the Greatest Loop from Hoppies Marina near Saint Louis, MO to Fairhope, AL

1- Why did you get involved in the Greatest Loop Adventure and what was your role? I wanted to participate in the Greatest Loop adventure because it was relevant and ... More

An interview with Patrick Hopkins, Technical Coordinator for The Greatest Loop

              1- Patrick, what is your role in The Greatest Loop  adventure? As part of the Annapolis Yacht Sales team, I helped commission the ... More

And so, she leaves...

Message from Laurent Fabre, Beneteau's VP of Marketing & Sales (Powerboat division): Let us first say "Thank you" to of all our partners, who have joined our team and made ... More

Dress rehearsal to Norfolk, VA and back

On May 4th, The Greatest Loop left the dock of Annapolis Yacht Sales for their Deltaville location in Virginia, in preparation for America's Great Loop Association rendezvous, which will be ... More

Looking the part

The wrap of the Greatest Loop is unmistakable! And our colors aim to bring as much visibility to our partners and sponsors as possible, for without them, we would not ... More

Under the water line

Most of the outfitting happens under the water line, starting with the bottom painting, which consisted in 3 coats of Interlux' Pacifica Plus anitfouling. Then the crew from Annapolis Yacht ... More

The Greatest Loop hits American shores

The Greatest Loop arrived in Annapolis! Earlier this morning she was taken off the cargo and put on a truck for delivery to the yard of Annapolis Yacht Sales, which ... More