Crew Posts

Day 71: St. Michaels to Annapolis, MD

Yeah!!!  The Greatest Loop closed the Great Route Loop today just after noon in light rain. The last day from St Michaels was a short one and we buzzed up ... More

Day 70: Oxford to St. Michaels, MD

After traveling down the Tred Avon River we turned west into the Choptank River and now I know how it got its name.  With the tide ebbing and a 15-knot ... More

Day 69: Cambridge to Oxford, MD

We eased out of the Cambridge boat basin at 9:00am and entered the Choptank River.  We were the only pleasure boat on the water, but we saw several low, white ... More

Day 68: Solomon’s Island to Cambridge, MD

Today was one of our shortest days so far, just 38 nmiles from Solomons Island to Cambridge, Maryland on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay. We steamed north at ... More

Day 67: Deltaville to Tangier Island, VA

Once clear of the western shore and shoals we set a course for NNE up the Chesapeake Bay for Tangier Island.  This island was settled in the late 1600s by ... More

Day 66: Norfolk, VA to Deltaville, VA

We departed beautiful downtown Norfolk at 9:00am and hope to return again soon. We idled past the USS Wisconsin for the last time then motored past an incredible number of ... More

Day 65: Coinjock, NC to Norfolk, VA

First a 70' motor yacht slipped out into the channel, then the huge 130' mega yacht glided past The Great Loop without making a sound and headed south. We were ... More

Day 64: Roanoke Island to Coinjock, NC

We left Manteo at 10:00am and we followed the 8' channel from Manteo out to the main channel in Roanoke Sound then headed north. Once in 11' of water we ... More

Day 63: Ocracoke to Roanoke Island, NC

The channel out of Ocracoke is well marked through the shoals to "deep water" which is 13' to 22'. Every 15 miles or so is a mark so staying on ... More

Day 62: Oriental to Ocracoke, NC

There is 16' to 25' of depth across most of Pamlico Sound except for a short 10' stretch on our track to Ocracoke. The channel is well marked with only ... More

Day 61: Swansboro to Oriental, NC

Under a threatening grey sky we pushed off from our dock on Swansboro, NC and 50 yards later were in the ICW heading east. Within minutes we were passing the ... More

Day 60: Southport to Swansboro, NC

  We left Southport early under low, dark gray clouds. First we entered the Cape Fear River and traveled north in the ship's channel which extends up to Wilmington. The ... More

Day 59: Myrtle Beach, SC to Southport, NC

The rudder arrived at the yard at 10:15am and by 10:45am it was in and we were ready to take off. The Great Loop was launched and we carefully made ... More

Day 58: Georgetown to Myrtle Beach, SC

We left Georgetown at 8:15 in the morning and traveled north through Lowcountry where there had been over 200 rice plantations before the Civil War. Today most are abandoned. Some ... More

Day 57: Charleston to Georgetown, SC

After a weekend of festivities at Beneteau’s local dealer St. Barts Yachts in Charleston, the Great Loop was ready to continue her trip. We departed the Charleston City Marina after ... More

Day 56: Hilton Head Island to Charleston, SC

We left Hilton Head at 8:45 am, and decided to follow the Intracoastal Waterway, the shortest way to reach Charleston. We went threw the swamps and enjoyed the wildlife there, ... More

Day 55: Orange Park, FL to Hilton Head Island, SC

After a weekend of demo rides at Orange Park for clients interested by the Swift Trawler 34, it is time for the Greatest Loop to continue her trip… We are ... More

Day 54: Port Orange to Orange Park, FL

It was a dark and stormy afternoon in North Florida.  Dense clouds and heavy rains made the car ride to Ponce Inlet from Jacksonville a chore. In the car were ... More

Day 53: Palm Beach, FL to Port Orange, FL

We got up early – it was barely 5:30am when we left Palm Beach's gorgeous inlet, passed Peanut Island and headed straight into the magnificent sunrise. We headed north to ... More

Day 52: Fort Lauderdale to Palm Beach, FL

We left Fort Lauderdale, FL after work at around 5:45pm, and we headed for Palm Harbor Marina in West Palm Beach. It was really nice to cruise again with the ... More

Day 51: Duck Key to Miami to Fort Lauderdale, FL

Up early again, we shoved off at around 7:30 am with quite a bit of water to travel. Back in Hawks Channel again, we cruised at around 14 knots, burning ... More

Day 50: Key West to Duck Key, FL

Yesterday, we arrived in Key West to meet Marina Life for the event. Met some great people, and they were all very impressed with the beautiful Greatest Loop Trawler. After ... More

Key West, FL

We spent the last day cleaning the boat, catching up on e-mails and checking all the systems on the boat.  Even though our leg was a short 230 miles, we ... More

Day 49: Sanibel Island to Key West, FL

Today was Friday and was going to be our day off to explore, but a worsening weather outlook for Saturday made the decision easy for us to leave. The Trip ... More

Day 48: Longboat Key to Sanibel Island, FL

Off the hook at 7.00 am for a short trip up the inside of Longboat Key and through the lifting bridge. From here it was a comfortable ride at 15 ... More

Day 47: St Petersburg to Longboat Key, FL

Arrived in St Petersburg at Murray Yacht Sales at 11 am and found the Greatest Loop Beneteau 34 in good shape and ready to go. Michael James lent us his ... More

Day 46: Tarpon Springs to St Petersburg, FL (Murray Yacht Sales)

Departed Three Rooker Bar at 6:30 am eastern, and arrived in St. Petersburg at noon to find the dock at Fishtales completely full. Plan B included launching the dinghy and ... More

Day 45: Cedar Key to Tarpon Springs, FL

We departed from Cedar Key at 7:15 am eastern, slow run through the channel, stopped to calibrate autopilot and a little fishing. The flat water made a comfortable ride. Arrived at Tarpon ... More

Day 44: Dog island to Cedar Key, FL

Departed Dog Island at 6:15 am CDT and arrived at Cedar Key NW channel at 12:30 pm EDT Up at 5 to catch up on emails. Changing from central to Eastern time zone makes ... More

Day 43: Panama City Beach to Dog Island, FL

Departed Panama City Marina at 6:00 am and anchored at Dog Island Outside run to Port St. Joe, 16 knots, toured Port St. Joe Marina via water. Then had an ... More

Day 42: Sand Destin to Panama City Beach, FL

Departed Baytowne at 7:00 am and arrived at Panama City Marina at 11:00 am Perfect morning with flat water made for a quick hour run through Choctawhatchee Bay to the ... More

Day 41: Pensacola to Sand Destin, FL

Departed Portifino Resort at 10:00 am docked at 5pm at Baytowne Harbor in Sand Destin.. Calm winds made for a peaceful anchorage at Portifino resort. At 8:00 am, we picked ... More

Day 40: Roberts Bayou, AL to Pensacola, FL

Departed Robert's Bayou 9:00 am and docked in Pensacola at 3:00 PM  Woke up to 6:00am with heavy rain and lightning in our protected cove.  At 7:30am rain cleared to ... More

Day 39: Fairhope, AL to Roberts Bayou, AL

We stayed at Eastern Shore Marine in Fairhope, AL all weekend for technical revisions as well as a deep boat detailing both inside and outside. It was really necessary after ... More

Day 38: Bobby's Fish Camp to Fairhope, AL

Capt. Jeremy said that he had no idea of what to expect in flora and fauna along the way, and it has surprised him to see so much thick, lush ... More

Day 37: Demopolis to Bobby's Fish Camp, AL

Hello, Hello from the crew of TGL. Or perhaps I should say the SRC of TGL. If you guessed Slow Roasted Crew, you are correct! Yesterday's 100-degree temps weren't unexpected ... More

Day 36: Columbus, MS to Demopolis, AL

Good afternoon from the Tombigbee River between Columbus and Demopolis. It's another hot one, 93-94 degrees, and hardly a cloud in the sky. We passed a quiet evening at Columbus ... More

Day 35: Pickwick, TN to Columbus, MS

Underway this Monday morning on the Yellow Creek, an arm of Pickwick Lake that connected us to the Tombigbee River. The forecast calls for another scorcher, somewhere in the mid-90s, ... More

Day 34: Perryville Marina to Pickwick, TN

We have received a number of emails and so we tried to answer them before getting into the day.The InReach works very well to answer curious people who were asking ... More

Day 33: Green Turtle Bay Resort, KY to Perryville Marina, TN

We were underway at 10:30am on Kentucky Lake, after a quiet night at Green Turtle Bay Marina at the north end of Lake Barkley. That is an outstanding stopover, with ... More

Day 32: Cape Girardeau to Green Turtle Bay Resort, KY

05:30 CDT: anchor up, filthy with mud from the Diversion Channel where we passed a quiet night well out of the reach of passing push boats and barges. We had ... More

Day 31: Hoppies Marina to Cape Girardeau, MO

Bonjour mes amis, and greetings to all from John Wooldridge, Editor-in-Chief of PassageMaker, and Captain Jeremy Hopkins from Annapolis, Maryland. It's Thursday, June 21st, and we are underway on the mighty ... More

Day 30: Illinois Riverdock Restaurant to Hoppies Marina, MO

We left the Riverdock Restaurant floating dock (we were the only boat there) at 7:12 and ran the numbers in the river a little while later (the speed, rpm, gph ... More

Day 29: East Peoria to Illinois Riverdock Restaurant, IL

This was a long day. We left Eastport Marina across the river from Peoria, Illinois, at 6:42 in the morning. The previous night we realized the air conditioning was not ... More

Day 28: Seneca to East Peoria, IL

Left Spring Brook Marina in Seneca, IL at 7:50am and docked at Eastport Marina, East Peoria at 4.15pm with 40 plus knot winds. We stepped the mast this morning and ... More

Day 27: Chicago to Seneca, IL

We left Chicago at 6:33 this morning and drove 75 miles to Spring Brook Marina in Seneca IL where we docked at 3.40pm, pumped out & fueled up 52 gallons ... More

Day 26: Saugatuck, MI to Chicago, IL

We left Saugatuck at 8:16, headed out the breakwater to the lake, and were really worried about the weather. We had 86 miles to go across the open lake to ... More

Day 25: Pentwater to Saugatuck, MI

Left Pentwater at 9:15am and arrived in Saugatuck at 2:04pm. Going out Pentwater breakwater this morning was a piece of cake while entering it yesterday in bad following sea was ... More

Day 24: Leland to Pentwater, MI

We left Leland just after 7am and made about 100 miles to Pentwater by 1:05pm Wind from 20 to 25 knots, small craft advisory but all’s well that ends well. ... More

Day 23: Bay Harbor to Leland, MI

Underway at 10am, fueled up straight away in Petoskey, MI. Before leaving we checked the boat from top of the mast to bottom of the hull, starboard to port and ... More

Day 22: Mackinac Island to Bay Harbor, MI

After an exhilarating afternoon and evening at Mackinac and a good nights sleep we were ready for our last four hours to Bay Harbor.   According to NOAA weather we ... More

Day 21: Drummond Island to Mackinac Island, MI

A 60 mile run to Mackinac Island, I never get tired of going to Mackinac, the grand hotel, the horse's , the bugey's, It feels like you are going back ... More

Day 20: Gore Bay to Drummond Island, ON

Again we got an early start 8am, we were to clear Customs at Drummond Island and we had been invited to dinner at Bob Schultz Cabin on the other side ... More

Day 19: Blind River to Gore Bay, ON

We left Blind River at 9am, our destination Gore Bay. On the way over to Gore Bay we visited the Benjamin Islands an incredible collection of quartz and pink Granite. ... More

Day 18: Killarney to Little Current to Blind River, ON

We left Killarney at 10.30am headed for a fuel and grocery stop at Little Current, ON.  We arrived and Rob Little of Little Wally's took care of us. While he ... More

Day 17: Port Severn to Killarney, ON

Today we leave the Trent Severn Waterway. This is a cruise I have always wanted to do, I am grateful and thankful to Beneteau for giving me the opportunity aboard ... More

Day 15 & 16: Prop change & Orillia to Port Severn, ON

Yesterday, as Crate's Marina opened for fuel only (Sunday) we spent the day cleaning and doing general housekeeping as well as a note about props and the Trent-Severn.  A dinged prop ... More

Day 14: Buckhorn to Orillia, ON

Underway at 10am and docked at 4:30pm We stopped at Rosedale Marina in the afternoon as the previous day we hit a dead head and dinged the prop. We were ... More

Day 12: Hastings to Peterborough, ON

Underway at 9.00am. Began the day with hopes of reaching Peterborough by early afternoon. We got lucky and made it by 12:30. Peterborough Marina went out of their way for ... More

Day 9: Mississauga to Brighton, ON

Underway at 12.30pm Its been a great day.  Roland Schultz, a friend and recently retired Airline Pilot from Northwest Airlines and Editor at Large for Lake Ljoined me in this ... More

Day 8: Rochester, NY to Mississauga, ON

Underway at 6.10am. Docked at Port Credit Harbor at 4.30pm. Cleared with Canadian customs in Cobourg, ON at 11.30 am. A little bit shaken in the middle of the Lake ... More

Day 7: Brewerton to Rochester, NY

Underway at 6.40am Docked at the Rochester Yacht Club at 4.45pm. Passed with no problems through the Oswego locks and with perfect conditions on the lake. Boat will be leaving ... More

Day 6: Fonda to Brewerton, NY

Underway at 6.30 am. Docked at 6.30pm, in Brewerton, western side of the Oneida Lake. We went a little bit farer than we expected, so pretty much in advance on ... More

Day 5: Coeymans, NY to Fonda, NY

Underway at 6am. Docked at 5pm, in Fonda, NY not quite as far as we had hoped to go, but did well all things considered. (through May 23, locks are ... More

Day 4: New York City to Coeymans, NY

  Capt Ben Frothingham at the helm! With John Mottern and Vincent aboard with me. Underway 8:00am from Chelsea Piers Took a 1-hour break in Newburgh, docked at 5:30pm at ... More

Meeting Jim Chambers

When our crew arrived at Liberty Landing Marina around 1pm on Thursday, I had a mission in mind. Find the chase boat that would follow The Greatest Loop on our ... More

Day 3: Atlantic City, NJ to New York, NY

Underway at 6:30am Docked at 2:30pm Clear skies, but strong wind 15-20 knots, settled to 15 later in the day. Mostly hugged the NJ shore into the city. I knew ... More

Day 2: Rock Hall, MD to Atlantic City, NJ

Underway at 5:50am. Overcast, light wind. Stopped for lunch at Cape May at 1pm, refueled at Utsch's Marina, and resumed at 2:15. Docked at the Golden Nugget Marina in Atlantic ... More

Day 1: Annapolis, MD to Rock Hall, MD

On our first day, departure from Annapolis city dock at Pusser's: Underway 7:10pm. Moored 8:30pm. 30nm under fair skies, calm seas, and an elongated sunset which ended just before we ... More

A message from Carla Demaria

Many thanks to my Beneteau team in the U.S.A., and to all the sponsors who stepped up to help make this journey a reality. Know that all of us in ... More