John Wooldridge

John Wooldridge is the Editor-in-Chief at PassageMaker Magazine in Annapolis, Maryland. He has been a writer in the field of recreational marine boating since 1977, and has also served as the Editor of Lakeland Boating, the Managing Editor of Motor Boating, and the Managing Editor of Yachting Magazine.

John earned his 50-ton United States Coast Guard OUPV captain’s license in 2002, and has transited the Intracoastal Waterway numerous times. “It has been my good fortune to explore the coasts, lakes and rivers of much of North America and the U.S., from Maine to Key West, from San Diego to La Paz on the Baja Peninsula of Mexico, and from Seattle to Ketchikan, Alaska." He has also stood watch in the Western Pacific, as well as crossing the Atlantic Ocean from Bermuda to the Azores. He has been a consultant on Chapman Piloting & Seamanship, as well as Chapman Nautical Chart No. 1, and has written Chapman Boater’s Log, all for Hearst Marine Books.